Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

  • After Your Female Cat Has Been Spayed: Four Suggestions

    Spaying a female cat is done by many cat owners to stop certain behaviors and prevent pregnancies. If you've scheduled your own cat for this operation, which includes ovary removal, you may expect that your cat will be in need of rest and healing afterwards. In particular, help them with recovery by performing these aftercare actions. Discuss with Children Before your cat even returns home, a serious talk must be had with small children about how the cat will feel.

  • Chronically Gritty Fur? It May Mean Your Cat Has Fleas

    Cats typically do a good job of keeping themselves clean, so it may be upsetting to run your hand through a cat's fur only to find it gritty. If you've already tried grooming your cat and giving them baths to no avail, there's a good chance that the grittiness in their fur is due to fleas. This guide will explain what this grit is and how it can be harmful to your cat.

  • Coton De Tulear -- Meet A Cute New Member Of The AKC Pack

    On July 1st, 2014, the American Kennel Club (AKC) welcomed two new breeds into its pack -- the Coton de Tulear and the Wirehaired Vizsla. While you may have heard of the Vizsla -- the smooth-coated Vizsla has been a member of the AKC since 1960 -- it's probably likely you've never heard of the Coton de Tulear. But that probably won't last for long. This little bundle of fluff is one of the newest breeds recognized by the AKC, and it is cuteness epitomized.

  • Boarding Your Pet Rabbit For The First Time? 3 Tips To Keep Them Comfortable

    When you're traveling on vacation, you're not going to be able to bring your pet rabbit with you. With this in mind, you'll need to look into what you can do to keep them safe and comfortable while you're gone. While you can have a pet sitter visit your home to check in on your rabbit, you may be more interested in around the clock care with a boarding facility.

  • Do You Have Allergies And Want A Dog? 2 Types That Will Not Make Your Feel Sick

    If you have allergies you know most dogs are out of the question. It is not the dog you are allergic to; however, it is the flakes of dead skin, also known as dander. These get in the air when the dog sheds hair. Because of this no matter if the dog you have has short or long hair they can shed and cause your allergy symptoms to exacerbate. Fortunately, there are some dogs that you can have as they do not shed much, and you can welcome them into your home without worrying about your allergies.

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Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

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