Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Tips For Housebreaking A New Puppy

Michele Cruz

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for the whole family. Few things are as precious and cute as a little puppy, whether you've found yorkie puppies for sale or any other breed. But, while a new puppy is a lot of fun, it is important to have a plan for housebreaking your new pet. The sooner you begin to work on potty training, the better. Luckily, most puppies pick up things quickly, so if you are diligent about housebreaking, it won't be long before you have a puppy that knows how to go to the bathroom outside. If you're adding a new puppy to the family in the near future, use the following housebreaking tips:

Create a Routine

When it comes to housebreaking a puppy, having a solid routine is essential. Ideally, you should follow the same routine every single day until your pup is completely housebroken. For example, take your puppy outside after you wake up at the same time daily. For the best housebreaking results, a new puppy should be taken outside every few hours for a potty break. Establishing a routine helps minimize inside accidents and helps your puppy learn to go to the bathroom outside.

Consider Crate Training

In nature, wild dogs are den animals, and they do not urinate or have bowel movements inside their den. The theory behind crate training is that the crate serves as a dog's den, and he or she will not go to the bathroom inside it. Crate training a puppy can be a great way to help with housebreaking, and the crate can also become a place where the puppy feels very safe. Many puppy owners have their puppies sleep in the crate at night and stay in the crate when no one is home. However, it is important to remember that puppies have small bladders, so they should not be left in their crate for an extended period of time. They still require frequent bathroom breaks. 

Use Positive Reinforcement

Most puppies really want to please their new human families, and they react very well to praise and positive reinforcement. While you're working on housebreaking your puppy, give him or her a lot of praise when he or she uses the restroom outside. You may also want to give him or her a small treat. In the event of an accident inside your house, try not to get upset or frustrated. Instead, just take your dog outside to remind him or her where to go to the bathroom. 


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