Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Camping Soon? Get Your Dog Groomed Before Leaving

Michele Cruz

Before you go camping, you will benefit from setting time aside to prepare for the whole experience. This is also something that you should do for your dog when you intend on bringing them along because you may be able to get a grooming service to prepare them for the trip.


If your dog spends most of its day inside a climate-controlled home, you may not worry about their coat's length, as you know that you will be able to keep them comfortable. But, you may know that you will be camping in an area without climate control for the entire duration of your trip.

Going on a spring or summer camping trip is ideal because you may not be able to keep your dog warm and comfortable enough in freezing temperatures. If your dog has long hair, you should consider getting a thorough haircut for them to help them stay comfortable while camping.

An important detail to consider is that an extra short cut can expose their skin to the sun quite easily. This could lead to skin damage and sunburns if you are not careful with sun exposure during the camping trip. So, you should make sure to pick up a sunscreen that you can put on your dogs without worrying about them getting sick from trying to lick it off while roaming around.


While temperature should play a role in determining what kind of haircut you get for your dog, you may also want to think about overall upkeep. If you need to brush your dog on a daily basis to prevent matting and tangling, you cannot go wrong with a shorter cut for the camping trip.

This will make it possible to enjoy a lengthy camping trip with your dog while knowing that they will be comfortable even if they do not get brushed while camping.


Although temperature and upkeep may play a role in your dog's haircut length, you should put extra thought into their paw area. Since this area can pick up so much dirt and grime while camping and hiking, you may want to trim their paw areas until only a little hair is left over. This will make it easier to clean them off after getting back to the car or tent after hiking around.

If you want to make it better and more enjoyable to go camping with your dog, you may want to groom them beforehand with these details in mind. For more information about pet grooming, contact a local professional.


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