Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Great Things About Silver Labs

Michele Cruz

If you are looking for a puppy, then you likely know if you want to bring home a puppy that will grow to be a small dog or a large one. However, you may not have given it much more thought than that. If you know that you want a pup that will grow to become a larger dog, then you should think about bringing home a silver lab puppy. If you aren't too familiar with this dog breed and the reasons why they are so great, then keep reading the information here because it will educate you more on the breed.

Labradors are fun to travel with

Labs are great for families who want a dog that can get in the vehicle and go places with them easily. Labradors are great dogs to travel with. They are large dogs, but they aren't so large that they take up a huge amount of room in the car. They can sit on one seat in the car easily. This breed also isn't known for slobbering a lot, and you will appreciate this when you have them in the car with you. Also, while labs can be energetic, they can also just as easily be laid back and very calm. So, when they are in the car with you, they will likely be content to sit with their head out the window and the wind blowing in their face. 

Another great thing about traveling with a lab is that they will generally be up for just about anything. If you are going to have them wait in the car on a day where the temperature allows, they will be happy to people-watch. If you want to go to the park, they will love to play fetch and Frisbee. If you want to go hiking, then they make an excellent hiking companion. If you want to go to the lake or the beach, then they will absolutely love to get in the water with you. 

Silver labradors are gorgeous

Labradors are considered to be great-looking dogs, no matter what color they are. They are evenly proportioned dogs, having a thickness that matches their height. They have nice coats that aren't too long but still long enough to make them great to snuggle with. Labs have nice wide eyes and can even look like they are smiling at times. 

When you bring home a silver lab, you will be in for a real treat. While having all of the great physical attributes of a lab, the silver lab has a coat that is considered to be much more unique and rare than the yellow, black, or chocolate lab. Their silver coat looks stunning when the sun hits it, and it will be a real attention grabber. If you want all the great features of a lab while still owning a dog that's a bit more rare, then a silver lab would be a good choice.

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