Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Creating A Great Home For Your Animals

Choose A Leopard Gecko For A Pet And Learn How To Care For It

Michele Cruz

If you are fascinated by watching reptiles explore their surroundings on occasions that you visit pet stores or the local zoo, purchasing a reptile of your own can provide you with countless hours of entertainment and the opportunity to care for another living being. A leopard gecko is a reptile variety to consider purchasing. If you choose to buy one of these reptiles for sale, the following tips will assist with choosing the right pet and caring for it so that it lives a healthy, full life. 

Pick A Companion

Stop by local pet stores to take a look at the leopard geckos that are for sale. Pay close attention to each gecko's appearance so that you can select a pet that appears to be healthy. Skin should be shiny and the color of skin should be yellowish to brownish orange. A leopard gecko's eyes should be clear and should not have a hazy appearance. Watch the geckos and pick one that does not have difficulty moving around or climbing on branches or other materials that are inside of the habitat.

Provide Your Pet With A Suitable Area To Sleep And Explore

Purchase an aquarium with a lid. Although many reptiles require a heat lamp so that they stay warm, this is not the case with the leopard gecko. Leopard geckos are nocturnal reptiles, meaning that they do not normally bask in the sunlight. This makes caring for this species easier than caring for other varieties which will provide you with a boost of confidence if you have never cared for a reptile before.

Add pieces of driftwood, branches, and sand to the bottom of the aquarium. A small plastic or wooden tunneel can be added to one corner of the home so that the leopard gecko will have a private area to rest.

Feed Your Pet A Diet That Consists Of Insects

While at the pet store, ask a sales associate to assist you with locating food for your new pet. Dry pellets that contain minerals and vitamins will provide your pet with the basic nutrients needed, but the main type of food that your pet will need is insects. Purchase live crickets or meal worms from the pet store or a fishing bait station.

Keep the insects in a sealed container that has holes punctured in the container's lid prior to offering the insects to your gecko. Use a pair of tweezers to grasp the insects bodies before setting the insects inside of your gecko's home so that they can consume the insects at their leisure. 


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